What is ESM Resin?

Element Labs ESM high performance resins offer a unique combination
of properties combining the most desirable traits of thermoplastic, thermoset, and fluoropolymers. This translates to engineered polymers with high temperature use, while maintaining excellent impact and extreme corrosion resistance.

Unlike other thermosets, reactivity can be controlled from seconds to hours and parts from half a pound to 1000+ pounds can be made utilizing virtually all processing techniques, from hand mixing in a bucket, to filament winding, to high tech rim molding and others.

Composites made with ESM Resins offer new possibilities in nearly every industry, ranging from aerospace, solar power, autonomous vehicles, ballistic protection, and construction.

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Various resins are offered which provide a different combination of physical

ESM 3213 is general purpose resin combining good strength with excellent toughness, used where parts may be subjected to impacts.

ESM 2651 is similar to ESM 3213 but has fire retarded additives that, dependent on thickness can meet the requirement for a UL94 V0 rating.

ESM 3200 sacrifices some toughness to gain higher physical properties and use temperatures


The ELCAT catalysts are added to the resins to initiate the reaction that turns the liquid resin monomers into a solid polymer. The catalyst suspensions utilize a solid particulate catalyst suspended in a non-hazardous oil. The catalyst is added at two parts per hundred of resin by weight.

Different catalysts may be recommended depending on the specific process being utilized. Contact Element Labs for the appropriate catalyst for your application.

ESM Catalyst

ELCAT 2869 Blend


ESM Catalyst



ESM Catalyst



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