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We feature the best Graphene, ESM Resin, and ESM Polymer products on the market. 

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Here at Element Labs, we offer two grades of graphene: Stardust and
Coredust. Coredust is our premium grade graphene powder and is some
of the highest quality graphene available on the market today. Stardust is
our lower grade graphene powder but still provides some of the best
features that graphene has to offer.

Element Labs ESM high performance resins offer a unique combination
of properties combining the most desirable traits of thermoplastic,
thermoset, and fluoropolymers. This translates to engineered polymers
with high temperature use, while maintaining excellent impact and
extreme corrosion resistance.

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About Element Labs

Element Labs, a daughter company of JAMZ Technologies, was established in 2020. Specializing in graphene and polymers, we are working to make the most efficient and strong products for manufacturing and hobbyists.

Element Labs has been developing thermoset resins for nearly a decade and is primarily focused on the use of Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) because of its unique properties and processing flexibility.

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